Parents Are Responsible For Raising Quality Human Beings, Not Teachers

Parents can be the biggest assets to a teacher, or the biggest challenge. It is worth mentioning that so many parents are supportive partners in their children’s education. However with the growing pressure on academics, it is easy to forget the importance of teaching fundamental manners before your child hits the classroom. Countless educators haveContinue reading “Parents Are Responsible For Raising Quality Human Beings, Not Teachers”

If “try your best” is what we preach, why is it all about test scores?

It’s the message in every household, every daycare, and every classroom across America… “just try your best!” We have taught children from a young age that it is the amount of effort we adults care about not the end result. We say things like, “as long as you tried your hardest I am proud ofContinue reading “If “try your best” is what we preach, why is it all about test scores?”

How to Navigate Fatherhood As a First-Time Dad

As a new father looking for guidance you might run into a common problem. Where is all the advice for the fathers? While it is true, a mother goes through an incredible transformation, (I mean she grows a tiny human, gives birth, then faces the relentless pressures and impossible expectations placed either on herself orContinue reading “How to Navigate Fatherhood As a First-Time Dad”

Breastfeeding – What I needed to hear.

I always knew that I wanted to breastfeed my baby. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew that breastfeeding was something I was going to do, even though there are fantastic formula substitutes. It was just what I wanted. I was already anxious to hold my newborn close, snuggle with himContinue reading “Breastfeeding – What I needed to hear.”

How young is too young for social media?

Imagine being back in third grade. You are playing tag on the playground when you notice a group of your classmates looking at you from over by the swings. You are worried that they might be talking about you. You feel something… is it anger? Sadness? Isolation? Worry? See, the thing is you are stillContinue reading “How young is too young for social media?”

Please help me put down my cell phone!

With so much focus on children’s addiction to screen time it is often forgotten that adults suffer the same illness. While grown ups may be slightly more self aware that their cells phone use is a problem, the issue remains… how do I put it down? Many people know there are countless downsides to havingContinue reading “Please help me put down my cell phone!”

Children AND parents are in desperate need of “down time”

The advice out there is overwhelming to say the least. Are you planning enough social interaction time for your child? Are your children involved in enough enrichment activities? Are you structuring a consistent bedtime? Are they eating exclusively organic non GMO meals? But wait… not only is the amount of advice unbearable, it is completelyContinue reading “Children AND parents are in desperate need of “down time””

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