Parents Are Responsible For Raising Quality Human Beings, Not Teachers

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Parents can be the biggest assets to a teacher, or the biggest challenge. It is worth mentioning that so many parents are supportive partners in their children’s education. However with the growing pressure on academics, it is easy to forget the importance of teaching fundamental manners before your child hits the classroom.

Countless educators have said that it is more important that a child enter preschool knowing how to share then knowing their letters. With such a focus on the academics sometimes we parents forget the importance of social graces.

More early educators are seeing an influx of children whose parents are placing the sole responsibility for turning them into decent human beings on their teachers. Lets be clear a teacher’s job is to support techniques and strategies that parents are currently working on with their children at home. However there is no teacher out there that can magically turn a spoiled, bratty, irresponsible, dishonest child into a good person.

The phrase “this is a partnership” could not be a truer statement in today’s educational system. If your child has a great teacher then they will grow as a young person, but your influence as a parents… well you hold the power.

Many parents rely on their child’s daycare, nursery school, or preschool program to take over when it comes to teaching manners. A solid social curriculum is implemented in early childhood education, and those social graces I mentioned, (also know as manners) are reinforced. However no teacher should be introducing the idea of manners to a child for the very first time in their classroom.

While some people doubt this fact, I believe it’s true that educators get into the field of teaching because they do in fact love children. They enjoy being around children, teaching children, inspiring children to grow, and question the world around them. Being a teacher truly is a phenomenal job, and parents put a lot of faith and trust into their children’s teachers. What may not be so widely understood is that teachers put their faith and trust in the parents of their students as well. It is very challenging to get a child to understand the importance of telling the truth only to hear that they face no consequences at home. The partnership “a mutual cooperation of parents and teachers” is essential for the success of any child.

For any child to flourish it’s very important for a teacher to know what is happening at home. If there are any issues or concerns that might trickle into the classroom and affect the child’s behavior a teacher should be informed. This is not for the teacher to judge the child, or you as a parent. This is purely to benefit the struggling student. This insight into a students behavior during the school day allows the teacher to handle the situation appropriately, and reinforce whatever methods are being used at home.

I am a parent, and I am also an elementary educator. I know how much parents worry about their children. I worry about mine constantly.

Listen up teachers, all we parents want is the best for our children no matter what!

Listen up parents, all we teachers want is the very best for your children too!

The difference is your child is one of many in a classroom. A good teacher will treat your child as an individual. They will care and respect them, love and support them, and offer whatever help is needed.

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Many things are expected of a teacher, but teaching basic manners is not one of them. If we allow our children to throw food at the dinner table that is what they are going to do in the lunch room. If we allow our daughters and sons to lie and manipulate at home, they will do the same in school. No teacher can change a behavior that is not being addressed at home.

Children learn just as much, if not more, from their time at home as they do from their time at school. Learning does not just happen in the classroom. Children learn more from their parents than any teacher no matter how wonderful he/she may be.

No teacher expects perfection from their students. Perfection does not exist. No teacher expects perfection from the parents of their students, (sigh of relief). Perfection does not exist. What needs to be expected, (I speak as an educator and a parent) is that parents and teachers come together in their efforts to help each child to become the best version of themselves. The task of parenting is daunting, I feel it almost every day. But knowing that you have a teacher who is your partner and here to help your child grow into a kind, sympathetic, responsible, respectful, independent thinker… well that should bring you some comfort.

Teachers and parents unite!

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